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The following companies can register:

 •  Companies obliged to provide information for the submission of statistical reports for intra-Community trade data

 •  Third parties for example forwarding agencies or tax consultancy businesses

 •  Companies applying for a concession for simplified reporting (using collective commodity codes)

 •  Companies submitting statistical reports for transactions of goods with third countries that are not recorded by customs


Please enter the company that actually wants to submit the statistical reports or submit the application. This is the company itself or a third party commissioned by the company.





Please enter the VAT number indicated in your advance turnover tax return.


Indicate in the distinguishing number box the three-digit number used to distinguish between individual businesses submitting separate statistical declarations within a group integrated for VAT purposes or between individual units reporting separately for statistical purposes within a business. If a distinguishing number has not been allocated to your business by the Federal Statistical Office, this box should be left empty.


Please contact the Federal Statistical Office on the phone number +49 611 75 4524 for any questions regarding the tax or distinguishing number.




The company has no german VAT number.


If there is no German VAT number please enter the 17-digit EORI number and the 4-digit branch number assigned by the competent

authorities. Is no branch number assigned please enter 0000.

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