Extra-Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

1 IDEV Extra-Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

IDEV (internet-based data collection of the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder) has been designed for online transmission of data. The supply of data, collected by the Federal Statistical Office and the statistical offices of the Länder via the internet, is based on a web application. To transmit the relevant data, the declarant activates the IDEV web application in an internet browser. In the IDEV extra-trade declaration system, the data can only be transmitted in file form.

As a rule, transmitting declaration files via the IDEV system requires the prior permission by the Federal Statistical Office.

Approval to use a simplified procedure for declaring data for statistical purposes will only be given if the declarant previously obtained permission to use a simplified customs declaration procedure.


Data security in online declaration

Since extra-trade data are sensitive business data, they are of course transmitted in an encrypted form.


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  4. 1.4 First steps after logging in into the IDEV extra-trade declaration system
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