Extra-Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

1.4 First steps after logging in into the IDEV extra-trade declaration system

Select "user ID"

This selection box will only be available if user IDs were merged by the declarant for more information to the Consolidations please see Chapter 7.3 of the general help pages.


For which one of the following reference periods would you like to report?

Please select the reference period (month/year) for which you intend to declare the data. The reference period cannot be changed in the declaration form. Changes must always be made via the Select reference period option.


Which one of the following languages would you like to use for the form?

Please note, that the form you have selected is only available in the German language. So you must now click at the Link  "Deutsch".


Which kind of presentation would you like to use for the form?

The transfer of your files for the extra-trade statistics is unfortunately under the not accessible presentation possible.


Show declaration form

The declaration form is now displayed on the screen.