Extra-Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

3.1 IDEV file declaration for extra-trade statistics

The IDEV extra-trade declaration system has been designed for the transmission of declaration files for the trade in goods with third countries. As a rule, transmitting declaration files via the IDEV system requires the prior permission by the Federal Statistical Office. Approval to use a simplified procedure for declaring data for statistical purposes will only be given if the declarant previously obtained permission to use a simplified customs declaration procedure. Upon approval, the Federal Statistical Office will assign your business a material and a business code, as they are called, which will be needed to identify the declaration file. Together with the material code, you will be provided with a user identification and password which will allow you to transmit the declaration file online.

Please send us a test file before you intend to transmit your data in the ASCII format. As regards the precise structure of an ASCII declaration file, see the Data record deccription for ASCII files.

Other data record formats cannot be used for transmitting statistical data based on the ATLAS IT procedure.

If you have any questions about the ASCII file structure or the declaration procedure, please contact us by telephone +49 611 75-3487.