Extra-Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

3.2 Uploading declaration files in the ASCII-Format  

The IDEV file declaration for extra-trade statistics allows a simple upload of declaration files. Files in ASCII format (.ASC extension) produced in accordance with the data record description are accepted for data transmission. If required, ASCII files with a high number of data records can as well be transmitted in a zipped form (.ZIP extension).

Upon specifying the reference period (Year / Month), the declaration file can be selected from the directory via a dialog box. By pressing at "Send" the file will be transmitted in an encrypted format.

Pressing the button return the formular will reset (all entries are deleted).

The declaration confirmation shown afterwards can be stored or printed print

To transfer more files, the button add is available. The button leave returns you to the selection of the reference period.

About the button check the file can be checked for readability. It does not check the file contents and record layout of the selected file. After testing, the file must be selected again.