Extra-Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

4.2 Correcting import and export declarations by fax

To correct declaration files directly transmitted to the Federal Statistical Office (not using ATLAS), you can still use the Correction of export declaration form or the Correction of import declaration form.

Enter the initially reported data of the relevant item in the left column of the table, while indicating the changes required in the right column. The latter can also be used to cancel an item. After opening the correction form, you can complete it directly on the screen and print it afterwards.

Please notify us by fax +49 611 75 3965 in cases where declaration files transmitted via IDEV should be totally deleted or a large number of items be corrected. In those cases, outline the corrections to be made and indicate the relevant user identification for the online transmission of data, the material code (file name) and the date of file declaration.

For technical reasons, corrections of individual items cannot be considered in the Report history. However, deleted declaration files will be marked as Unprocessed in the Report history.