Extra-Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

5 Frequently Asked Questions and answers regarding the extra-trade

Do I have to provide you with IDEV-based trade data for statistical purposes if I have submitted data in the context of the ATLAS declaration system?

No, as this would lead to double counts. The customs authorities transmit the data received in the context of the ATLAS declaration system directly to the Federal Statistical Office. For this reason, an additional transmission of statistical data will not be required.


Where to find the documents needed for file declaration?

The documents are available here: 2.1 Aids and useful documents.


I have produced a test file which I would like to send to the Federal Statistical Office. How to transmit the file without user identification and password?

Test files can be transmitted here. You will need neither a user identification nor a password to upload the test files. Please note that the files sent in this way cannot be further processed or transmitted for further processing.


An error message is output during file transmission. What could be the reason for this?

1. The extension of the file is not accepted. The only accepted file extensions are .ASC for ASCII files you have produced yourself and .ZIP for compressed (zipped) ASCII files.

2. The file is damaged or empty and can therefore not be received. Generate the file once again. Make sure that the file is produced in the correct format and not left empty.

Can minus values be included in the declaration?

No. Negative values cannot be declared. Credits such as subsequent price reductions or the like which are not based on movements of goods are not to be declared for purposes of extra- trade statistics. However, credits for returned goods are to be declared as movements of goods.


Where to find information on the commodity codes?

Information on the commodity codes you will find here


The password is no longer on hand, is there a way to ask for?

You can ask for the password by sending an E-Mail with your user identification, or material number to idev-extrahandel(at)destatis.de. The password will be send to you by post. In case you have given your explicit consent we send the password to your known fax number.


If you have any further problems, questions or suggestions regarding the IDEV extra-Community trade web pages, please contact us at the following e-mail address: idev-extrahandel(at)destatis.de