Intra-Community Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

2.1 Up-to-date

Intra-Community trade:

Please note the following major changes in the area of intra-Community trade statistics (recording intra-Community trade operations) for the reference year 2018:

  • The exemption threshold remains unchanged: For dispatches to other EU Member States related to the annual value of intra-EU trade movements of goods in the previous and the current year it is EUR 500 000. - For arrivals from other EU Member States it is EUR 800 000.

  • The thresholds (related to the annual value of intra-EU trade movements of goods in the previous year) up to which a statistical value does not have to be reported for purchases/sales and commission/consignment transactions it is unchanged at EUR 46 million for dispatches and at EUR 38 million for arrival of goods.

  • For data protection reasons a replacement of file declarations in the ASCII format is necessary.

    New applications for notification in ASCII format will no longer approved!

    For users who currently submit their data in ASCII format, we recommend switching to the XML formats approved in intra-Community trade statistics INSTAT/XML and DatML/RAW. Further information about this formats you will get in chapter 6.2 "File declarations in INSTAT/XML format" and 6.3 "eSTATISTIK.core file declaration" at these help pages.

  • In anticipation of a future mandatory indication of the VAT identification number of the EU trading partner and the country of origin of the goods in direction dispatch, both information can be enter since January 2017 in the online form and the IDES-program. The option to report these two characteristics will be extended from January 2018 to the file formats INSTAT/XML and DatML/RAW. The indication from this characteristics is voluntary. Any report with these characteristics will help the Federal Statistical Office to gain experience and to guarantee a smooth implementation. As soon as a date for the mandatory declaration of both characteristics is known we will provide information.

  • The current internet version of the Notes on Intra-Community Trade Statistics General Guide can be downloaded here as pdf-file free of charge.

  • In mid-2017, a new legal provision was introduced to further simplify the statistical declaration of assortments of goods for which the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade Statistics provides collective assortment codes. Some requests for simplified declaration require the permission of the Federal Statistical Office. For more details see pages 27 ff. (7.2) of the Intra-EU Trade Statistics General Guide or chapter 99 of the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade Statistics.

  • About the current Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade Statistics you can inform yourself here (only in the German language). Current List of commodity codes 2017/2018 (only in the German language).

  • About the Country Nomenclature for the External Trade Statistics you can inform yourself here (only in the German language).

  • You will find all information listed in the document Innovations Intrastat 2018.

  • The download and information to IDES "Intra-Community Trade Data Capture Software" Version 18.0 for 2018 see chapter 7.