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  4. 4 Form declaration by third parties for intra-Community trade statistics
  5. 5 Correction of intra-Community trade statistics
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  10. 10 Frequently Asked Questions and answers regarding the collection of intra-Community trade data
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  11. 11 Contacts for information on foreign trade

4 Form declaration by third parties for intra-Community trade statistics

The online form declaration by third parties provides two options.


This form is exclusively intended for service providers that have been commissioned to report data once on behalf of a business responsible for providing information. The basic data of the party responsible for providing information must be entered for each item. If you regularly submit declarations on behalf of other businesses, we recommend that you submit them using your own access details. See Chapter 7.4 of the IDEV general help pages. Use the form declaration for intra-Community trade statistics for businesses for which a declaration is to be submitted in this way.

Nil report

If cross-border movements of goods (arrivals and/or dispatches) did not take place in a reference month, you can send us a nil report in order to avoid questions that might come up when we check the data upon their arrival.

Please be sure that you submit either a declaration or a nil report.

If a server or computer failure occurs during data entry or an incomplete declaration form is exited without the logout, the IDEV system will provide a server backup one hour later. The positions can be selected, supplemented and transmitted as usual. The server backup is available to the declarant until the next successful data transmission. If the data shown have been transmitted in the meantime, the backup can be deleted with the button "Open form without loading backup".

Signs used

Initiate error check

Save questionnaire for interim period

Open questionnaire saved

CSV data import

Print view

End data entry (no data transmission)

More information

Start with or add movement of goods

Delete movement of goods

Copy movement of goods

 Save pattern

Load pattern

 Load pattern as new dataset

 Download confirmation of sending as PDF

Report further movements of goods

The "back button" of the browser is not to be used!

For more information to the form processing please see Chapter 8.1 of the general help pages.


IDEV form declaration by third parties for intra-Community trade statistics
IDEV form declaration by third parties for intra-Community trade statistics

How to proceed

  • The input mask for the form is displayed without any data. To enter the data, first click on "Start with or add movement of goods". See picture above.

    The form has to be filled out according to the requirements. To enter further movements of goods (positions), click on "Add further goods movements" or "Copy goods movements". It's not possible to send or leave a faulty or incomplete movement of goods. The current movement of googs has to be corrected or delete. If necessary, movements of goods that have not yet been reported can be saved locally or on the server with "Save questionnaire for interim period" and via "Open questionnaire saved" can be overtake into the form again in the next session and edit further. You can also save movements of goods that have already been recorded but not yet sent when you exit the form with "End data entry (no data transmission)"

  • Recurring of movements of goods, without specifying quantities and values, you can create with "Save pattern".

    With "Load pattern" a sample put on before is read in into the current form.

    "Load pattern as new dataset" enables a previously created pattern to be transferred to the current movement of goods (only possible if the position seized before is error free).

    Patterns that are no longer required, can be removed with "Delete pattern".

  • Use the "Send" button to transmit your data to the Federal Statistical Office. After receipt without error a a transmission confirmation will be displayed. A detailed overview of the reported movements of goods can be download with " Download confirmation of sending as PDF".

  • Using the report history provided for Form declarations for intra-Community trade statistics by third parties you can view or correct the data already transmitted, please look for chapter 5.3


    Please enter and transmit your data on a month-for-month basis even if you intend to cover several months at a time. Only in this way it can be ensured that the data will be correctly shown for the individual reporting months in the report history.


Information on the company required to provide information

VAT number

Enter the VAT tax number indicated in the advance turnover tax return from the company for which you specifically submit the reports.

Additional code

The distinguishing (additional) number is a three-digit number to distinguish between individual businesses submitting separate statistical declarations within a group integrated for VAT purposes or between individual units reporting separately for statistical purposes within a business. Leave the relevant box empty if the Federal Statistical Office has not allocated a distinguishing number to your business.

State (tax office)

Enter the 2-digit country number of the federal state in which the tax office responsible for the tax number is seated.


Enter the name of the obligation to provide information for which you specifically submit the reports.