Intra-Community Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

5 Correction of intra-Community trade statistics

Various options are available to correct data previously transmitted to the Federal Statistical Office. Under Correction form for intra-Community trade statistics, IDEV provides an online form which you can use to correct individual items. Declarants can also use their accounts to correct or cancel incorrect data that were declared online, and to send the data once again. All options available to correct data via IDEV are described below in the Chapters 5,1 to 5,3 described.

General information about corrections

  • Subsequently declared data are not regarded as corrections. Please use the forms provided for the IDEV form declaration or the IDEV form declaration by third parties for this purpose.

  • Intrastat declarations which, upon their arrival at the Federal Statistical Office, turn out to be incorrect, must necessarily be corrected if they refer to the current or preceding calendar year.

  • Please correct only data that were incorrect at the time of declaration. Do not make any adjustments for changes which occurred at a later time, for instance, as a result of contract alterations, or cash or quantity discounts at the end of a year, which were not foreseeable.

  • Data in the invoiced amount or Statistical value boxes should only be corrected if the correction resulted in a change of the original value of more than EUR 5,000.

  • Data in the Net mass or Supplementary unit boxes should only be corrected if the correction resulted in a change of the original quantity of more than 10%.

  • Data in the other boxes should only be corrected if the invoiced amount or the statistical value of the commodity item concerned were higher than EUR 5,000.


  1. 5.1 Correction form
  2. 5.2 Replace or cancel of a File declaration via the Report history
  3. 5.3 Correcting of a Form declaration via the Report history