Intra-Community Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

5.1 Correction form

The IDEV correction form provides declarants with the opportunity to correct individual items already transmitted. The data

of the original declaration have always to be included, and the correction form can be used irrespective of the original form

of declaration used. After selecting the reference year, enter the originally declared item in the left column of the correction

form table. Indicate only the required changes in the right column. The latter can also be used to cancel an item. On the "Check" button Check, the entered data are checked for errors. Press the "Send" button Send to transmit the

corrected data. After transmission, you will receive a transmission report. To save a displayed receipt, click in the form on "Save receipt on your own PC" Save receipt on your own PC. To load the receipt stored on your own PC, click in the form on "Load saved receipt" Load saved receipt. About the "Print" button Print to print the data for your records. Click on the button "New" New to make other corrections. With "Leave form" button Leave form, the form processing can be terminated and the form will be exited.

Please See also the information to the Backup Chapter 8.2 of the general help pages.

Correction form for intra-Community trade statistics
Correction form for intra-Community trade statistics

How to proceed

  • Column 1 of the Corrections register card is intended for entering the original data of the declaration, while the

    corrected data are to be indicated in column 2 of the card. The latter also provides a function for cancelling an item.

  • Use  the Comments register card to add further information or data such as the material code, the item number

    or, in the case of an inquiry, the reference number (if available).

  • Press the "Send" button Send to transmit the corrected data to the server for being checked.

  • For checking purposes, the form will again be displayed on the screen. Press the "Confirm data and submit" button Confirm data and submit to finally transmit the data corrected.

  • Upon successful transmission, a transmission confirmation will be displayed which can be either stored or printed.

  • Click on the button "New" New to make further corrections (for the previously specified reference year) and transmit

    the data corrected.


In the report history provided for Correction forms for intra-Community trade statistics, you can view the corrections

transmitted. The data are displayed in the form of a transmission report, while corrections are not possible here.

For more information to the report history please see Chapter 6 of the general help pages.

NOTE to report history (File declaration for intra-Community trade statistics), (Form declaration for intra-Community trade statistics) and (form declaration by third parties for intra-Community trade statistics)

For technical reasons, corrections of individual items via the correction form cannot be considered in the IDEV report history.