Intra-Community Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

6.2 File declarations in INSTAT/XML format

If you can create the relevant data from your resource planning system and want to transmit them in XML format, the XML-based file format (INSTAT/XML) are available for transmitting your intra-Community trade data.

INSTAT/XML is an XML-based message, developed at the European level, for transmitting raw data for the purposes of intra-Community trade statistics. It was developed by a working group of the European Committee for Standardization. XSD schema files are available for download in the form of a packed file.

The current INSTAT/XML data record description, general information and codes are provided for download in the following documents:

Documentation for the implementation of INSTAT/XML messages (only in the German language)

General information about File declarations in intra-Community trade statistics (only in the German language)

Codes for File declarations in intra-Community trade statistics

Download the Deadlines for submitting declarations (only in the German language)

Before you can start transmitting declarations in the form of INSTAT/XML files, you will be requested to send us some test files of data with a practical background and please label the test files as XGTEST. To transmit the relevant test files, log in at using your previously requested IDEV user ID and select File declaration for intra-Community trade statistics.


Other XML files created by means of other programs (for example Excel) do not correspond to the accepted INSTAT/XML format and, consequently, cannot be processed.

Please phone us on +49 611 75 3390 and -2951 for any further questions.