Intra-Community Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration

6.3 eSTATISTIK.core file declaration

The report system eSTATISTIK.core allows the transmisson of data in the XML standard format DatML/RAW.

DatML/RAW was developed for the statistical offices of the Länder and the Federation. It is an XML-based document format for collecting raw data of several surveys. This format is used for declarations via eSTATISTIK.core. CORE stands for Common Online Rawdata Entry and supports the automated production of the statistical raw data from the operational data of businesses and authorities, as well as the automatic transmission to the central internet-based data portal. Data transmission and registration are carried out via the eSTATISTIK.core declaration system.

All the information about the registration procedure, survey description, supply agreement and contact person is available under eSTATISTIK.core (only in the German language) available.

Please see the following documents for information for the file declaration and the codes you require for intra-Community trade declarations:

General information about File declarations in intra-Community trade statistics (only in the German language)

Codes for File declarations in intra-Community trade statistics


Download the Deadlines for submitting declarations (only in the German language)

Before you can start transmitting declarations via eSTATISTIK.core, you will be requested to send us some test files of data with a practical background and please label the test files as XGTEST.

Please phone us on +49 611 75 3390 and -2951 for any further questions.