Intra-Community Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration


Party responsible for providing information

See Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 1.2 "Obligation to provide information".


Period of record-keeping

Commercial accounting documents which were used for preparing the intrastat declarations should be stored for two years to answer queries which the Federal Statistical Office might have.

See Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 1.6 "Transmission of declarations".


Plausibility checks

The data entered into IDEV/IDES are subjected to plausibility checks.



Since the year 2007, all types of declaration the procedure has no longer to be indicated. For this reason, the IDEV declaration forms and the IDES Intra-Community Trade Data Capture Software do not require a related entry. Declarants who use ASCII files for their declaration may leave the relevant digit positions.


Processing under contract

Processing under contract encompasses operations (processing, erecting, assembling, improving, refurbishing) with a view to producing new or really improved goods. Reallocation in the Commodity Classification is not necessarily entailed.

See Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Annex 2 "Notes: (f)".


Postal consignments

See "Mode of transport"



Please contact the persons indicated in the letter received if you are not clear about any query-related issues.