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  1. 1 IDEV intra-Community trade declaration system
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  3. 3 Form declaration for intra-Community trade statistics
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  4. 4 Form declaration by third parties for intra-Community trade statistics
  5. 5 Correction of intra-Community trade statistics
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    2. 5.2 Replace or cancel of a File declaration via the Report history
    3. 5.3 Correcting of a Form declaration via the Report history
  6. 6 File declaration for intra-Community trade statistics
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    2. 6.2 eSTATISTIK.core file declaration
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  7. 7 The IDES Intra-Community Trade Data Capture Software
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  9. 9 Application for simplified reporting
  10. 10 Frequently Asked Questions and answers regarding the collection of intra-Community trade data
    1. 10.1 Principles of the obligation to provide information
    2. 10.2 Questions regarding the obligation to provide information about intra-Community trade
    3. 10.3 Questions about the transmission of intra-Community trade data
    4. 10.4 Questions about replacement of file declaration in ASCII format
  11. 11 Contacts for information on foreign trade


Seat (Land) of the local tax office

The code to be indicated is the Land where the local tax office is seated that is in charge of the VAT assessment.

See Current version of the Country Nomenclature (only in the German language) for the External Trade Statistics.


Security certificate

The following warning message is displayed when you access the IDEV pages: "The website has a security certificate problem". This warning appears if an obsolete browser version is used for which either an appropriate root certificate equivalent is not stored or, due to certain browser settings, the security certificate cannot be checked. To solve the problem, your browser version should be updated or, if you use the latest version, the browser settings should be adjusted by your administrator.



A server is a network's central computer that provides other stations with access to data and resources.


Server data backup

If the server crashes during your data entry, the IDEV declaration system will provide a server data backup about three hours later.



Services are not subject to declaration. The purpose of compiling intra-Community trade statistics is to collect information on the actual trade in goods between Germany and the other Member States of the European Union (dispatches and arrivals). For clarification purposes, we ask you to note that the changes to VAT law regarding the recording of other intra-Community services in the Zusammenfassende Meldung (summary declaration) and the Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung (advance turnover tax return) in Germany since 2010 do not have any effect on the data declaration for the purposes of intra-Community trade statistics.


Sova steering file

The list of valid commodity codes (Sova steering file) is a register of all statistical commodity codes that are relevant in the year of its release. It includes a detailed description of the commodities in .txt format (text with a fixed width) and is particularly suited for use in what are called computer-assisted merchandise information systems. The list of valid commodity codes (Sova steering file) can be downloaded here (only in the German language).


Specific movements of goods

See Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 9 "Examples and special cases".

For a simplified declaration of specific movements of goods, use the relevant Declaration form (only in the German language) only for statistical purposes (deliveries of ships' and aircraft's stores, exports of bulk goods and other transactions exclusively of statistical relevance). Do not use this form if, for the movement of goods concerned, you have already submitted a declaration for the purposes of intra-Community trade statistics.


Statistical value

The statistical value is defined as the value of the goods free German border (excl. VAT). Depending on the delivery terms, transport costs may hence only be considered in part (for example based on a distance (kilometer) key).

See also Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 5.1 and Chapter 5.2 "Box 19".


Subsequent declaration

IDEV enables the subsequent declaration of data for the past three calendar years. Subsequently declared data have to be transmitted separately for each reference month.


Summary and assortment codes

These codes are assigned to ranges of different goods. Please contact the Federal Statistical Office at warenverzeichnis(at) to request such a code.



Reporting data with identical characteristics can be summarized within a reporting month and enter in one reporting position.

Supplementary unit

Enter for each item the numerical value of the supplementary unit indicated in the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade Statistics. Leave the box empty, if a supplementary unit is not specified. Do not name the supplementary unit as such (e.g. enter "2" as a numerical value for "2 pieces").The figures should be rounded up or down to full numbers. If a figure is rounded down to "0", "0" must be entered.



- Crane lorry (mobile crane)

............................... 8705 10 00 pcs.

The supplementary unit in the above example is pieces. If, for instance, two crane lorries were dispatched, "2" must be entered.

Here is an overview of the abbreviations used for the supplementary unit:

1000 kWh = 1000 Kilowatt hours

1000 m3 = 1000 Cubic meters

1000 St = 1000 peaces

100 St = 100 peaces

AnzZel = Number of cells

g = Grams

g spaltb.Isot. = Grams fissile isotopes

Karat = Carat

kg = Kilograms

kg H2O2 = Kilograms Hydrogen peroxide

kg K2O = Kilograms Potassium monoxide

kg KOH = Kilograms Potassium hydroxide

kg = Kilograms Methylamines

kg N = Kilograms Nitrogen (Chem.)

kg NaOH = Kilograms Sodium hydroxide

kg P2O5 = Kilograms Diphosphorus pentaoxide

kg tr 90 % = Kilograms calculated on 90% dry

kg U = Kilograms Uranium

kg/net eda = Kilograms drained weight

l = Liters

Lade - t = Loading tons

lAlk. 100% = Liters of pure alcohol

m = Meters

m2 = Square meters

m3 = Cubic meters

Paar = Pairs

St = Peaces

TJ = Terajoules (upper calorific value)



See Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 9 "Examples and special cases - g)".


System requirements

See IDEV system requirements