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Web application

Internet programs, also called web applications, are applications which are run on a web server and can be viewed in a browser.



See "Net mass".


What`s new

Information on changes and new developments see here.


XML files

XML is a standard used to compile machine and man-readable documents in the form of a tree structure, defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). XML specifies the rules concerning the structure of such documents. As for a concrete use case (XML application), the details of the documents concerned must be specified. See also "DatML/RAW" and "INSTAT/XML" (two XML-based file formats).

You can use two XML-based file formats (DatML/RAW and INSTAT/XML) for transmitting your intra-Community trade data or import your data in these formats via an XML interface into the IDES Intra-Community Trade Data Capture Software.Please see chapter 6.2  Uploading declaration files in INSTAT/XML format or chapter 6.3 Uploading declaration files in DatML/RAW format for more information.


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