Intra-Community Trade Declaration System / Help with online declaration


Data collection portal of the statistical offices

The data collection portal of the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder(only in the German language) provides central access to all existing online surveys of official statistics in Germany and the information required for reporting data. Declaring intra-Community trade data via the data collection portal requires prior registration in either the IDEV or the eSTATISTIK.core system (only in the German language)

Data record description

See Chapter 6 for the current data record descriptions for the various data formats.


Data security

See Data security in online declaration, Chapter 1.



DatML/RAW is an XML-based type of document used in various surveys. Information on the DatML/RAW format is available on the internet at eSTATISTIK.core (only in the German language).


DE number (identification number)

Businesses which intend to participate in intra-Community trade operations, that is to deliver or acquire goods within the European Union territory, require what is called a VAT identification number (USt-IdNr.) in addition to the VAT number.

More information on this issue is provided by the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (Federal Central Tax Office) on the internet at

In anticipation of a future mandatory declaration of the EU trading partner's VAT identification number and the origin of goods on the dispatch side both boxes are integrated into the relevant online form. For the time being, however, providing information in these boxes is voluntary and the boxes may therefore be left empty. Any report of these data elements will help the Federal Statistical Office to gain experience with the compilation of both variables and to guarantee a smooth implementation. As soon as a date for the mandatory declaration of both variables is known we will provide information. See also "Federal Central Tax Office".



See "Transmission deadlines" and  Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 1.6 "Transmission of declarations".


Declaration deadlines

See "Transmission deadlines" and

Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 1.6 "Transmission of declarations".


Declarations submitted for a whole year

In principle, annual declarations are not permitted. As a rule, declarations for the purpose of compiling intra-Community trade statistics are monthly declarations.

See Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 1.6 "Transmission of declarations".


Declaring third party

See Declaring third parties are businesses which declare the intra-Community trade data on behalf of businesses that are responsible for providing information for the purposes of intra-Community trade statistics. Declaring third parties are recommended to register themselves under their VAT number indicated in the turnover tax return as declarants for intra-Community trade statistics in IDEV.


Delete declaration file

See Chapter 5.2 "Replace or cancel of a File declaration for intra-Community trade statistics via the IDEV Report history".


Delete items

Individual items can be deleted in the Correction form for intra-Community trade statistics provided in the IDEV online declaration system. Log in on the IDEV homepage for IDEV online declaration with your user identification (w3s...) and password.

See also Chapter 5 "Correction of intra-Community trade statistics".


Deregister company

Declaring third parties may delete from the system businesses entered as Manage user data >> Company registrations menu option (for more information see Chapter 7.4 to the IDEV general help pages). Deleting the reporter also deletes all entries from the deleted Company registrations in the "report history".


Description of goods

If possible, indicate the common trade name of the commodity, which should be precise enough to allow a clear identification of the commodity in accordance with the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade Statistics. The length of the name should not exceed 80 characters.



Community goods (goods obtained or produced in the European Union, or third-country goods subjected to customs clearance) which are dispatched from Germany to another Member state of the European Union.

See Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 5.1 "Dispatches of goods to other EU Member States".


Distinguishing (additional) number

The distinguishing (additional) number is a three-digit number to distinguish between individual businesses submitting separate statistical declarations within a group integrated for VAT purposes or between individual units reporting separately for statistical purposes within a business. Leave the relevant box empty if the Federal Statistical Office has not allocated a distinguishing number to your business. You may however contact the Federal Statistical Office by telephone +49 611 75 2741 or -2865 or fax +49 611 75 3922 to request a distinguishing number.

See also

Intra-Community trade statistics General Guide Chapter 5.1 and Chapter 5.2 "Second subdivision - Additional number".