IDEV Online Help

2 User Interface

The following schematic figure shows the user interface the user sees after successful login in IDEV:

Structure of the application interface
Structure of the application interface

The area on the top of the page shows the logo of the responsible statistical office and references to the german IDEV site, to the legal notice and to the help page, informations about the logged in user plus system informations about the current session.

The area in the middle consists of the headline, a left-ordered menu as well as input/display area at center. The input/display area shows those areas/contents that have been selected via menus or in previously opened dialogs. If there are notifications, they will be displayed unter the headline.

In the lower part, the IDEV logo is shown as well as a reference to the top of the page.


As soon as the user opens a form, the menu will be faded out until the user leaves the form.