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5 Report

The Report menu leads the user to the forms for statistics which he can report for.

As the user may have different user IDs for multiple companies, statistics or reference periods,  the form selection could consist of the following steps:

User ID of the reporter

All users the logged in user is consolidated with are listed. To each company, the statistics are displayed for which the respective company or one of the assigned companies are allowed to report.


All companies for which the user can report will be listed.


The statistics for which the user is able to report will be displayed for selection.

Reference Period

The reference periods for which the user is able to report will be offered.

The following figure shows a selection dialog based on the example of choosing the statistics:

Selection dialog
Selection dialog

Selections made automatically by the system are not visible because in this case the user does not have any choice and is passed directly to the next level. So, a user who submits reports only to one statistical office, for example, is immediately passed to the next level ("reporting period") once he or she has selected a statistics because on "office" level no choice can be made. In the information area, the user can use a link to reaccess already given data and change it if he needs to.

In some cases further selections might be necessary before the form can be displayed. The following selections are not available trough the information area:


If there are different variants of statistics report forms for a single survey, the user will be prompted to select the desired form after the selection of the reference period. In the selection dialog the user has to select the form that he or she wants to edit.

Form presentation

If a form might provide more than one kind of presentation (i.e. tabs, tile horizontally arranged areas etc.), the user can select the kind of presentation he prefers.


If several user-specific form preassignments are stored for a user, he can choose one of these preassignments from the selection.


If more than one address is stored for a user (for instance user-specific or legal address), these addresses are displayed in a selection dialog, where the user can choose the address to be used for the report.

Server-side backup

When the filling of a statistics report form is suspended (e.g. when the user stops entering data and exits the application without logging out, or a break-off occurs due to client-side or server-side technical problems), the system attempts to save the already entered data on the server by making an automatic form backup. If such a backup exists, the server-side backup dialog is opened before the form is reloaded so that the user can decide to use the backup data and load it into the form or to discard the data and fill in the complete form once again.

The editing of the forms is described in the chapter Form.