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6 Report history

The Report history dialog provides an overview of all reports the logged-in user has already submitted.

Report history
Report history

The reports will be displayed in a table sorted according to individual statistics and statistical offices. The range of reports which are displayed can be determined by selecting an item from the selection list box Statistics / Office. This list box contains all possible combinations of statistics and statistical offices the user has reported for.

When many reports meet the selection criteria, they might not fit on one page So that the user has to browse through the different pages of the list. The number of the page where the user is located is highlighted.

The user may change the number of reports displayed on a single page by setting the Row count list field to a different value than the default of 10 reports per page.

The table lists the reports according to individual statistics/statistical offices and shows the following information for each report:

Date of report

Indicates the date and time when the report was sent.

Original file

Indicates the type of the report.


Indicates the name of the company required to report.


Indicates a statistics-related sorting key of the company required to report.

Reference period

Indicates the month and year of the reporting period selected for the report.

Depending on the individual statistics and statistical offices, the reports may be displayed differently. It may be that additional information is displayed or that some of the items described above are missing. Additionaly it is possible that the following functions are available:

Request report

Already sent reports can be requested via the button request. They will be available after a few minutes as original receipt or shown in a form for making corrections.

Show report

Via the button show, the previously requested reports can be called as the receipt.

Correct report

Via the button correct, the previously requested reports can be called as the receipt.

Cancel report(s)

Via the button cancel, one or more previously selected reports can be canceled. The canceled reports cannot be selected in the report history again. It is only possible to request and call the receipt via the button request.

Replace report(s)

With the button replace, one or more previously selected reports can be replaced by a new report.