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7.3 Consolidations

The system allows that a user A submits reports for another user B. However, before reports can be submitted for another user it is necessary to consolidate the involved users. For a successful consolidation, user A has to know both the user ID and password of user B. When the consolidation has taken place, user A is authorized to submit reports also for those companies whose reports had so far been submitted by user B.

Existing consolidations and users that have been consolidated with the logged-in user can be displayed in an overview dialog.

In this dialog, it is also possible to deactivate any existing consolidation of users, e.g. when users want to submit their statistics reports themselves again in the future.


The table shows all companies the currently logged-in user is consolidated with. In the upper area, the consolidations done by the logged-in user are shown. In the lower area, the consolidations done by other users are shown.

The table of the existing consolidations shows the following information:

Consolidated with

Displays the user ID of the company the user is consolidated with. Via the button switch to it is possible to switch to the selected user ID.

Created on

Shows the creation date and time of the consolidation.


Shows the status of the activation. Via the button cancel, the existing active consolidation can be canceled.


Indicates whether the consolidation is currently active or inactive.

Cancelled on

Shows the date and time of the last cancellation.

Create new consolidation

Click on Create new consolidation to consolidate the user identification with the ID of an other reporter.

Consolidate user
Consolidate user

Important Note:

With the consolidation function you transfer the reporting authorization of another user to the currently logged-in user. Please note that anybody who has access rights based on the user ID of the currently logged-in user will also get full access to all user accounts for which the reporting authority has been transferred to this user!

Therefore, if you are a tax consultant, for example, and submit statistics reports for your clients, you must by no means consolidate a client's user ID to transfer the report authorization. If a consolidation is required, apply for your own user ID at a statistical office. For this purpose, you may use IDEV's online registration form!

Enter the user ID that has to be consolidated with the user ID of the logged-in user in the User ID input field. Then enter the password of the user who has to be consolidated in the Password input field. Click on the Consolidate button to send the changes to the system.

If sending was successful, a confirmation of the consolidation change will be displayed.


The change process may last some minutes.